Out of order network? Decide this issue

You there network. Served it to you some time. But here unexpectedly it breaks. what to do? In general, about this you read in current article.
Mending network - it not easy employment. Many strongly err, underestimating complexity this business. But only not should unsettle. Overcome this task help Agility and care.
Probably my advice may seem unusual, however first sense set most himself question: whether general repair network? may more rational will purchase new? Me seems, there meaning least ask, how is a new network. it learn, enough make desired inquiry mail.ru.
First has meaning find workshop by fix network. This can be done using rambler or mail.ru, site free classified ads or corresponding community. If price repair you will afford - will think question resolved. If this option not suitable - in this case have repair their hands.
If you still decided own repair, then primarily sense learn how repair network. For these objectives one may use bing, or view issues magazines "Skilled master", "Model Construction" and etc., or visit theme forum or community.
I hope this article least little could help you solve this question.
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